Best Tennis Racquet Strings

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For any average tennis player, a tennis racquet centering on the factors of durability, elasticity, playability, and string type are critical choices to make before taking your swings on the court. Tennis racquet strings also greatly affect the manner of control, power, and spin in every aspect of ball handling. We mention durability because strings that break too easily can be a costly expense. For players focusing on the feel or power, elasticity is an important feature when choosing strings for your racquet. Taking all of these factors, we’ve compiled a list of the best tennis racquet strings suitable to your mode of play:

Top Tennis Racquet Strings

Babolat VS Touch


When it comes to performance, Babolat holds several uncontested models; however, price always becomes a factor. In addition, the tennis racquet strings strung under this model are made of natural gut, which hold a record of being the best string for your racquet. Combined with exceptional elasticity, tension, and feel, the Babolat VS touch is a gold standard among tennis players.


Prince Premier Touch


The Prince Premier Touch makes the perfect recommendation of tennis racquet strings for budget players, including a high level of durability and playability. Because the Premier Touch is strung from multifilament strings, this provides additional comfort and feel to the strings of your racquet, which are perfect for players who are prone to elbow injuries.  Last but not least, multifilament strings, a type of synthetic fiber, are the cheapest strings manufactured on the market.


Luxilon Alu Power


With a polyester string type model, durability is a core factor for tennis strings of this type. In fact, polyester strings are great for players with heavy top spins and are commonly used among intermediate and advanced players. Control and spin aspect of the Luxilon Alu Power are also remarkable and if price is a concern, the Luxilon Alu Power offers a great value on the market. While durable tennis racquet strings have its advantages, the disadvantage here is that players become more prone to elbow injuries due to polyester’s stiff property.


Tecnifibre X-One Biphase


If power is what you’re looking for, Tecnifibre is the best choice for you. Being one of the multifilament tennis racquet strings, the Tecnifibre delivers power with ease and also provides great playability, which makes a perfect choice of strings for your racquet. The Tecnifibre is also perfect for players who are prone to elbow injuries.

When it comes to choosing a tennis racquet, finding the right strings for your racquet is equally important. This would also highly depend on your level, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Some players prefer more control over power while others prefer the feel or playability over anything else. With a wide variety of different types of strings available such as nylon, Kevlar, polyester, natural & synthetic gut, there are various approaches towards finding the right strings from power and control to durability, playability, and tension. Of course, setting a budget for what works best is also a significant factor to take into consideration, especially when starting out as a beginner.