Should Your Kid Play Tennis?

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Should Your Kid Play Tennis?

A lot of moms and dads want their kids to learn a sport, thinking that it would contribute to their development and growth. That’s why they send kids to summer camps, enroll them in an after-school activity, or teach the kids themselves.

Today, one of the most popular sports among kids is tennis. It is easy to learn and understand, and a lot of them enjoy playing the sport.

If you want to let your kid try the said sport but are a bit hesitant, here is a guide that details the pros and cons to playing tennis. It will help you make a more informed decision when deciding whether or not to enroll your child in tennis classes.


  1. Playing tennis helps them develop a healthier body.

Playing tennis is a great form of exercise. It will help children develop good cardiovascular health and stronger bones and muscles. These will help him perform better in any other physical activities he will go through as a child – like playing games with his friends, playing sports in school, and doing chores at home.


  1. Playing tennis helps your child develop positive personality characteristics.

These characteristics include sociability, spontaneity, and focus. These are characteristics that are very difficult to teach a child, especially because they cannot easily understand the significance of being such.


  1. Tennis teaches discipline.

Kids who play tennis learn discipline and carry this through life. Most of them get straight A’s in school and continue to do so until they become young adults, even if they stop playing the sport.


  1. It can boost the confidence of your kids.

As your child learns, he/she will see the improvement in his/her skill and techniques. He will feel good about himself and feel more confident. The praises that he gets from coached, peers, and family will also boost his self-esteem.



  1. Tennis classes can be time-consuming.

Learning how to play tennis can be time-consuming. It might be tiring for a child to attend tennis classes after a long day at school, or even during the weekends. It gets even more time-consuming if he starts to join tournaments. If nobody helps him with time management, some grades in school might start going down.


  1. Going to tennis classes can be expensive.

You will have to pay the professional fee of the trainer, buy necessary equipment, new clothes, and probably pay more for transportation. You have to anticipate these expenses and start saving up to pay.


Only you, the parent, can decide if sending your child to tennis classes is worth it. There are definitely some priceless benefits to it, but you also have to play your part as a parent well. You must know how to support your little player emotionally and financially.

There are lots of professionals who offer tennis lessons. You can find them in your local tennis courts, on the internet, or you can ask your friends if there is anyone they can recommend. Find the right one, contact him or her, and let your kid start playing!